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PHV offers a wide variety of small, sharable plates to enjoy with your wine during operating hours. We also offer several specials through the week, follow us on facebook for the latest weely menus. 



Dry Reds:


Pinot Noir 21


Leland Red (Petite Sirah/Noiret blend) 21


Leland Reserve Cabernet Franc 21


Merlot 21


Dry Whites:

Athena (Seyval Blanc) 21

Chardonnay  21


Semi Sweets:

Soleil (black raspberry blend) 18

Riesling 18-

Luna Reserve 14-


Sweet Wines:

Luna ; Niagara Grape (sweet white) 14

Harmony Road; Catawba Grape (Rose)14

Stella ; Concord Grape(sweet red)14






Bread and cheese board: a variety of fruits, cheeses, and our homemade herb bread.       12-                                      


Nosh Plate: salami, gourmet cheeses, olive medley, toasted pita, chocolates & roasted nuts.        14-


Baked Chicken/Artichoke dip served warm with toasted sourdough triangles      8-


Bacon and Blue cheese kettle chips with balsamic glaze.      10-                      


Hummus with spices, Toasted Pita,  fresh veggies        8-


Baked Flatbreads with mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes and basil pesto       10- 


Baked Brie'  topped with warm fig compote, served with warm salted pita and grapes  8-


House salad, artisan greens, feta cheese, dried cranberries, candied walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette 6-      

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